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Shashwat Shivam

Computer Science and Engineering,
IIT Delhi


I am a second year Undergraduate student of Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. I am a tech enthusiast who likes creating new things and experimenting with things. I am a fast learner and enjoy challenges encountered along the way. I am always willing to learn new things with full enthusiasm and passion.

On the whole, I love to code and am an enthusiastic coder. My hobbies include competitive coding, application development, reading and travelling.I also enjoy watching sci-fi movies and TV series.Good food always lifts my mood. I am interested in all areas of Computer Science. I am particularly interested in machine learning, AI and computer vision and am currently undertaking courses to further my interests in the same.

Experience And Education

Android App Development Intern December 2017

  • Worked on custom launcher for desktop like usability on android environment.
  • Added options to launcher menu for using system APIs to perform standard functions including settings, power on/off.
  • Optimized launcher menu for faster launch and search indexing and added functionality to resize menu.
Anhad Music
Web Development Intern May 2017 - July 2017

  • Developed a Django based MVC back end for new website along with models and relations for events and members.
  • Migrated database from old NoSQL based system to SQL system using python script.
  • Provided API endpoints for Android application using Rest API Framework.
  • Setup Social login system along with direct login from social networks like Facebook, Google etc.

  • College
    B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering - CGPA =9.82Expected May 2020
  • High School
    St. Joseph's Co-ed School,Bhopal(CBSE) - Percentage = 96.2%Grad. May 2016


ARM Processor
Prof. Anshul Kumar January-April 2018

  • Implemented sub-parts used in a processor ( ALU, Multiplier, Register File, Shift Register etc.) using VHDL.
  • Built a multi cycle processor based on ARM instruction set architecture using the above sub-parts.

Starling Bird Flock Simulation
Prof. Subhashis Banerjee April-May 2018

  • Developed program in C++ using OpenGL to simulate flocking of starling bird flight using relevant mathematical properties.

Toy Prolog Interpreter
Prof. Sanjiva Prasad April 2018

  • Implemented a simple prolog interpreter in Ocaml using ocamllex for lexing and ocamlyacc for parsing.
  • Built a sigma algebra engine in Ocaml supporting unification and substitution of terms.

Engineering Drawing Software
Prof. Subhashis Banerjee January-April 2018

  • Developed an engineering drawing software in C++ using Qt to work on 3D and 2D figures and their projections.
  • Implemented algorithms to find projections of 3D figures (including hidden lines) and to form 3D figures from given 2D projections.

Infrared Image Skin Detection
Prof. Prathosh A.P. December 2017

  • Collected and annotated dataset using Infrared Camera containing classes as skin / non-skin images.
  • Predicted presence of skin in images using modified pre-trained VGG net further trained on new collected dataset.

Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART)
Prof. Anshul Kumar October-November 2017

  • Built a UART with the help of FPGA board and VHDL language capable of transmitting data to computer.
  • Implemented the design to transmit ASCII characters and pre-saved messages at 9600 baud rate via USB cable.

Elevator Control System
Prof. Anshul Kumar September-October 2017

  • Created a lift control system using VHDL with the ability to receive requests from inside or outside the lift.
  • Added functionality to resolve requests to provide fastest possible lift routes to requested floors.
  • Achieved the proper working of the system by creating FSM chart describing various states of lift.

Hindi Named Entity Recognition
OpenEd AI Hackathon July-August 2017

  • Implemented named entity recognition system to detect the various entities in a sentence in Hindi language.
  • Used vocabulary library to train model using the pre-built python CRF suite library.

Canteen App
Prof. M.Balakrishnan May-July 2017

  • Created an android application to note transactions happening within the lunch club and to display all user details.
  • Setup MySQL database on a VM to store data of menu,users,balance etc. from android application.
  • Setup API endpoints using PHP on a VM to upload data and keep application in sync with on-line database.
  • Created website to visualize data of transactions and show instant accounting of specified time.

File Send App
Dev Club IIT Delhi May-July 2017

  • Worked with a team to develop a web application capable of sending files from browser to browser.
  • Used Socket.Io as a signaling server to exchange meta-data between users and to select partner to exchange data.
  • Used WebRTC technology to initiate peer to peer connection between browsers.

Maze Solving Bot
Robotics Club IIT Delhi December 2016 - January 2017

  • Made a fully autonomous maze solving robot using the Tremaux algorithm to find exit in a looped maze as part of competition in TechFest , IIT Bombay.
  • Implemented code to turn at 90,135 and 180 degrees using 7 I.R. Sensors to detect path on the ground.
  • Implemented the hardware and software design using an Arduino board.


Contact Me

Reach Me At:-

WC-16 Girnar House,
IIT Delhi,Hauz Khas ,India 110016