Akshat Khare

Computer Science Junior Undergraduate, IIT DELHI

About Me

Hi! I'm Akshat Khare, a Computer Science undergraduate student at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. I'm a tech enthusiast. I am successful Google Summer of Code 2018 participant with Open Roberta Lab, Fraunhofer IAIS, Germany. I have worked as a software development intern at Flipkart, acquired by Walmart international. I have worked extensively on many projects with agile methodology.

Iā€™m very much interested in distributed systems, database technologies, artificial intelligence, analysis and design of algorithms and web application development. I've also been very passionate towards working for the society. Henceforth, it is my aim to be able to contribute to the society by making efficeint use of technology. My actions are therefore a direct manifestation of my zeal to leverage tech for users and thus making the world a better place to live.



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Executive, Technical Arm, Indian Road Safety Campaign

(Dec, 2016 ā€“ July, 2017)
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Web Executive, Board of Student Welfares (BSW) IIT Delhi

(May, 2017 - Present)
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Robotics Team Member IIT Delhi

(Mar, 2017 - Nov, 2017)
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Intern at Endimension, SINE, IIT Bombay

(December, 2018)
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Activity and Content Team Head Sportech 2017

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Optimized Forecast Processing

[Summer Internship at Flipkart, acquired by Walmart, May 2019-July 2019]

  • - Redesigned demand forecast processing pipeline, designed data quality check pipeline, created services around scheduling of jobs.
  • Worked with Apache Spark, Apache Hive, LinkedIn Azkaban, Java 8 and fair amount of Hadoop stack.
  • Was awarded Pre Placement Offer for outstanding performance during the internship

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Adaptive Learned Bloom Filters on Apache Cassandra

[Prof. Srikanta and Prof. Bagchi, B.Tech Project, June 2019 ā€“ Present]

  • Augmenting Machine Learning with Data Structures used in Distributed Systems to achieve high performance with low storage.

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Google Summer of Code 2018

Open Roberta Lab, Fraunhofer IAIS, Germany

Click here to know about the project.

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Question Paper Portal BSW

[BSW Web Executive; December 2017]

Developed a totally autonomous study portal with admin login privileges using php, html and javascript for the Official Student Body of IIT Delhi, Board of Student Welfares. Click here to go to it.

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kipDist | Hackathon Winner 2018

[Road Safety Hackathon 2018, February 2018]

  • Overall Winner of the Hackathon, being funded and supported by Startups LiveMedia, Solve. To be presented to Ministry of India, by May 2018. Working to make it mobile app based solution.
  • Made an application which calculates the distance of a vehicle from the device by using 2-D images taken from the camera, consequently checking if the 3-second rule is being followed or not, thereby reducing accidents on road. Used Machine Learning techniques with Open Source tools like OpenCv, Visual Studio 2018. Lane-Detection and other obstacle detection are also being done.
  • Click here to see the presentation.

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3D-Printed Sole with Variable Density using Foot Plantar Pressure Measurements

[Co-authored with Prof. Tapan Gandhi, IIT Delhi, December 2018]

  • 2018 IEEE 8th International Advance Computing Conference (IACC 2018, 14-15 Dec 2018)
  • Co-authored with Prof. Tapan K. Gandhi, IIT DELHI. DOI: 10.1109/IADCC.2018.8691943

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