Open Source Projects

Following is a collection of some of the interesting projects I have done. For a complete list checkout my Github profile

VesselExtract: U-net based CNN for segmenting blood vessel from retinal fundus image
and thereafter removal of vessels from the image to allow better diagnostic models

p4-traffictool: A tool designed to aid P4 developers with the process of
packet generation, parsing and dissection by generating custom plugins for several
traffic generation and parsing tools such that they can readily support the custom packet formats defined by your P4 program
Research Poster for the tool got selected at ACM SOSR 19. Abstract can be found here.

Bulkyflash: AI bot developed to play the game of YINSH for the tournament organised as part of
undergraduate course on Artificial Intelligence. Handcrafted features paired with alpha-beta pruned adversarial search.
Reached Finals in the tournament.

CopCAD: Engineering Drawing tool which provides an easy-to-use and fast way for user
to render any three dimensional object as wireframe and visualise its orthographic projections and vice-versa

Starlings: Simulation of the phenomena of Starlings Murmuration and visualising
the effect of varying parameters on the motion based on the boid model.


Here are the two bots I built as part of Robotics Club at IIT Delhi

Line Follower

Built a holonomic-drive robot which used LSA08 module to follow line with varying background colors


Built a Hand-Gesture Controlled bot: T.R.O.M which Bagged Third Position at IIT Madras' Techfest