Sriram Valluri


I am a 3rd year student in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. My interests lie in Networking, Embedded systems, Machine Learning and Android development.


  • Call Tracking : (Sept, 2015 - Sept, 2015)
    • A java program which uses Tree Data Stucture to detect the location of the phones and best possible route between those locations
  • Animation using Pov-Ray : (Sept, 2015 - Sept, 2015)
    • A code creating a 3D scene and rendering using PovRay(a public domain ray tracing software) to create a small animation by moving the viewing camera.
  • sudoku game hostel with cloud service : (Sept, 2015 - Sept, 2015)
    • A randomly generated sudoku game which is solved by backtracing and hosted with Google App Engine.
  • Spam Message Detector : (Nov, 2015 - Nov, 2015)
    • Made a program in Java training a model which can classify a message is spam or not.
  • Search Engine : (Nov, 2015 - Nov, 2015)
    • Made a java program of a simple search engine model.
  • Search Engine : (Nov, 2015 - Nov, 2015)
    • Made a java program of a simple search engine model.
  • Moodle App : (feb, 2016 - feb, 2016)
    • Created a complete front-end of the app, given the endpoints.
    • In the app, two tabbed activities are made each carring three fragments.
    • Fragements are carrying list views with items customized according to the fragment.
    • A customized dialog box is raised to add new comments and to show the description of a assignment.
  • Spot Wail - An Institute Level Complaint Management : (march, 2016 - march, 2016)
    • Created a complete front-end and back-end of the app.
    • Backend is managed using web2py framework which follows the Model-View-Controller pattern of running web applications.
    • Atabbedactivitywhichcarriesthreefragmentsofindividual,hostelandinstitutelevelcomplaints.
    • All complaints in a fragment are managed using list view with items in the adapter customized.
    • Three Data tables are maintained for Users,Complaints and Comments respectively.




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