7 Sep 2016

Switch to Linux?

Top reasons why windows users must switch to unix-based systems

  • It is usually free
  • Easy setup of a fine-tuned working environment
  • Supports a lot of development tools
  • Gives you a considerably higher control on your hardware and OS.
  • You get to learn server-side scripting since most servers are mostly unix based
  • Easier support within and outside IIT (There is a huge community support for popular unix based systems)
  • Linux is a desirable skill
  • Get the geeky look?

Community Support

Most geeks at IIT switch to using Ubuntu or OSX in their first year of undergraduate study. Should you need dev solutions inside or outside IIT, they would be more easier to setup for your unix based system. Working on nix based systems is way easier than Windows. Unlike Windows you are not much dependent on *mouse clicks rather you are working on CLI based tools. The more time you spend with these operating systems, the greater your love for them grows.

While working in Linux becomes really easy after you have been there for a while, getting started or installing it on your computer without much knowledge can be daunting. Handling the geeky terminal, arbitrary package managers and installing softwares in a way that looks a little non trivial than the windows approach can discourage the new freshmen interesed in CS or dev in general. So in this post I will provide you with a short guide (link for it rather) on how you can install ubuntu (because this is the most popular here at IIT) on your computer. Since most games you play usually work on windows only, it might be a good idea to keep your pc on dual boot. (if you want to throw away windows just do a rm -rf on the partition with windows installed and you are good to go! - pun intended, please google to find your way out :P).

Setting up a dual boot system with ubuntu and windows.

Here is a simple guide on how you can install Ubuntu 14.04 along side Windows 8.1. Installing Ubuntu 16.04 would just require you to switch 14.04 with 16.04 in all the steps described. Even if you have Windows 10, I hope that most steps above still remain the same, just the location for finding appropriate settings may change a little.

In case you do not wish to waste proxy on downloading the OS, head to http://repo.iitd.ac.in , which is a nice repository maintained by CC for a lot of interesting proxy free stuff.

ACES-ACM plans to later host a number of events guiding you through the DEV, and it is important that you fulfill the prerequisite of having atleast one *nix based OS. Hope you have fun installing it onto your pcs. Feel free to contact your seniors in case you get stuck anywhere, this will also help us bridge the Senior-Junior Gap at IIT.

Good Luck!