Hello! I'm Aastha Tripathi.

I am currently pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi .

I belong to Indore.


Some of the Courses I want to highlight are

  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Graphics
  • Programming Languages
  • Database Management Systems
  • Operating Systems *
  • Machine Learning *
  • Probabilistic and Stochastic process
  • Linear Algebra

* Pursuing this year

Research Interests

I am interested in Computer Networks and Machine Learning. I also like to work in Computer Graphics.

I also love to making Mobile Applications.


You can view my Circulum Vitae here


Big Data Handling and Website Development

Created user friendly Website handling huge database of Hospitals and Doctors from various cities. Front-end was implemented using PHP and back-end using PostgreSQL. Fast response to Queries by implemeting various Query Optimization.

Chord Recognition from a Musical Piece

Implemented using existing software Sonic Visualizer and open source Vamp Plugin. Improvised the functionality of Plugin introducing the concept of Scale and enhance the Viterbi algorithm. Tested various filtration methods like self-similarity matrix.

3-D Racing Game

Racing Game was developed in C++ using OpenGL graphics Library. Front-end was made in QT. A fully functional Physics Engine was implemented.

Social Netwrok Simulation

Developed Discrete event Simulator and made academic network of Universities using Multithreading and Multiprocessing and Message queues, which answered queries related to network analysis.

Interpreter of Relational Language

An interpreter of Prolog was implemented using Ocaml(Functional Language). Lexing and Parsing implemented by using Lex and Yacc.

For more details, see my Github


Apart from Coding, my other interest lies in Music and I am all time ready for dancing. I love to sing and play instruments and I play Keyboard and Flute.

I also like to play Chess and Bridge.


If you happen to be at IIT Delhi, do visit.
Room WB-16, Kailash Hostel
IIT Delhi

Or email me at tripathiaastha68@gmail.com

Or can reach me by