I am Harsh Parikh, a senior undergraduate student in Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

    I believe that there is nothing more important than the dream and that there is nothing impossible in this world!
      Aspiring to bring Dreams alive.

Academic Interests

My broad area of interest is Machine Learning and Natural Computing. My current research interest consists of following:

  • Deep Learning
  • Neuroscience
  • Genomics
I am also enthusiastic to work on research directed towards Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition using Deep Learning techniques. I am currently working on a Egocentric activity recognition in YouTube videos using Convolutional Neural Networks


  • (Under Review) Computational prediction of origin of replication in bacterial genomes using correlated entropy measure (CEM), Harsh Parikh, Apoorvi Singh, Annangarachari Krishnamachari, and Kushal Shah, Genomics (Elsevier).
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    My Writings (Bluefeatherer)

    Writing poems, short stories and articles is my favourite pass time. Right since my childhood, philosophy, love and society has amazed me and always inspired me to pen down my experiences. I mainly write on following themes

    • Rational and Emotional Philosophy
    • Love and Romance
    • Experiential Notes
    • Vantage Commentary
    Blog: bluefeatherer.wordpress.com

    Few of my work:

    Hobbies / Other Activities

    I enjoy travelling, adventure sports, photography and reading. Given a free day, I prefer travelling around, exploring the un-chartered territories. I have earned fortuitous chances to travel USA, Europe and India, learning and enjoying different cultures.