I am Kumar Subham, a pre-final year undergraduate student in Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

A patriotic person at heart, and an entrepreneur at mind, I hope to make the world a better place, and bring smiles to the faces of my countrymen.

Academic Interests

My broad area of interest is Web Data and Visualizations. In particular my interest areas consists of following:

  • Databases
  • Web Search
  • Machine Learning

I also love to work on anything pertaining to online softwares and feels excited to work in areas like Artificial Intelligence and Operating Systems.

Social Interests

I love to interact with society, and am a ground-level social worker. I am and had also been associated with large number of social organisation within and outside my campus. Here are some of the social-groups, i have been assoicated with:

I love to work on the area of teaching and education in general. I am also inclined towards societal issues, and problems.

Srijan (AINA)

Srijan is the teaching and slum-development initiative of AINA.I have been serving AINA as Srian Coordinator from about last 10 months. My job as Srijan Coordinator involves managing the day-to-day working of the teaching wing, and planning events and activities for slum development. I currently manage a volunteer base of about 40 people catering directly to about 100 students.

Entepreneural Activities

Currently, I am working to get my start-up on floor. This will be focussed on merchandise and other publicity materials. I have also worked with Zunket as a HR-Manager to gain experience and learn from seniors.

Books I love

I earlier used to dislike reading, but since a year, i have developed a keen interest in reading novels and other interesting informative books. Following is a list of genre, i like to read:

  • India: Past,present and Future
  • Mythology
  • Biographies
  • Entrepreneurship

Blog / Website

I curently blog my political Views at Indian Politics and my website is still in the porcess of getting ready.

Hobbies / Other Activities

I love reading, but sometimes refrain from doing so because I feel I am get too much addicted to it. I love spending my time in meeting people. I love discussions on any topic relating to my country.