Research Interests

My current research interests are High Performance Computing and Parallel Computing. I continue to be fascinated by the design of novel parallel algorithms and runtime systems that find application in very diverse domains ranging from forecasting weather to modelling the human brain. Currently, I am working on improving performance of Genomic Sequence Alignment on multiple GPUs. During my undergraduate studies, I mainly explored research opportunities in Embedded Systems and High Performance Computing.

Undergraduate Thesis

  • Acceleration of pairwise Genomic Sequence Alignment on GPUs

    I am working under Prof. Subodh Kumar to improve runtime of pairwise sequence alignment on multiple GPUs. We are developing scalable strategy to utilise muliple GPUs to compute this problem efficiently. I am using CUDA and MPI library for the implementation.
    Link to first Report (20 September, 2013)
    Link to second Report (20 November, 2013)
    Link to third Report (21 February, 2014).



  • Prototype for the Feedback Capturing Device

    I was a part of 6 member team which worked under Prof. M. Balakrishnan to develop a prototype of low-cost, quick and customer-friendly feedback capturing device which involved back-end database management, client-server communication and RFID authentication mechanism. We conducted field tests in campus cafeterias and hostel mess.
    Here's the poster we presented at IIT Delhi's annual research showcase, I2Tech Open House.