Microsoft 2014, IIT Delhi - Battle Of Crowns

We built a multi-player network game called Battle of Crowns for Window Phone 7.1 platform. The game is similar to Facebook's Triviador game. Each player is assigned an empire (an empire is a collection of towers). The players get turns in a round robin fashion. In a turn, a player can attack any opponent's tower. Upon such an attack, a question pops out for both the players involved. If the attacker solves the question correctly (or solves earlier than the opponent, in case both solves correctly), the tower gets acquired by him and thus, his empire expands. A player loses the game when he loses all his towers. The winner is the player who remains till the end.

This game has been developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 using XNA Framework. You can download the solution file here.

Microsoft Appathon 2012, IIT Delhi - Winner

We built 6 games for Windows Phone 7.1 platform within 24 hours to bag the 1st prize. The following gives a description about each of these. The games have been developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 using XNA Framework. The solution files for the first four games can be downloaded from the links provided. For the last two games, xap files are available.

  • PingPong: The traditional ping pong game. [download]
  • 3D-PingPong: 3D version of traditional ping pong game. [download]
  • BirdSmash: A game where birds randomly pop out from the bushes and you have to shoot them all! [download]
  • MemoryChallenge: 2N items are hidden behind 2N windows (there are N distinct items). In one turn, you can open two windows, if both have the same item, both items would vanish. Your aim is to vanish all items in minimum number of moves. [download]
  • PuzzleSolver: You will be given a 3x3 picture randomly arranged. You have to rearrange them to form the correct picture. [download]
  • CatDog: It is a two player game (one player is a dog, other is a cat with a wall separating them). In a turn, a player can hit the other with a ball. [download]

Yahoo Hacku 2012, IIT Delhi - News Graph

Information in news is highly scattered over space and time. So it becomes difficult to see everything in news, relate all incidents and draw out conclusions. We give an interface where user can search the name of an entity in news and he gets a graph of the entities which are related to that entity upto a certain number of hops.

Entity - Any proper noun which has significance in news. They are related to other entities through well-defined relations.

We have downloaded past archives from some newspapers. Also, our database is continuously growing with the RSS feeds from those newspapers. We then send those news articles to an NLP tool which extracts the entities and relations from it. After that, we generate a graph out of them and based on the user's query, we display him the desired information. We also provide some additional information about nodes which are extracted from some structured sources.

Yahoo Hacku 2011, IIT Delhi - Online Status Notifier

Has it ever happened that you are waiting for a particular Facebook friend to come online and you end up wasting a lot of time? It has, right? This hack precisely does this job and notifies the user via sms when a particular friend comes online. The cool thing about this app is that you do not need to open your computer or log in to your Facebook account.

The app uses Facebook Graph API and Facebook Query Language (FQL) to find out the online status of a Facebook friend. We use a cronjob that repeatedly sends requests to the Graph API about the online status of that friend. Once, we find that the friend is online, a sms is sent to the user using Way2SMS.