Computer Science


  • Data Structures, CSL201
  • Discrete Mathematical Structures, CSL105
  • Computer Architecture, CSL211
  • Design Practices in Computer Science, CSP301
  • Programming Languages, CSL302
  • Analysis and Design of Algorithms, CSL356
  • Computer Networks, CSL374
  • Operating Systems, CSL373


  • Digital Hardware Design, CSL316
  • Computer Graphics, CSL781
  • Embedded Systems, CSP315
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning, CSL341
  • Digital Image Analysis, CSL783
  • Numerical and Scientific Computing, CSL361 (current)
  • Probablistic Graphical Models, CSL864 (current)
  • Database Management Systems, CSL332 (current)


  • Analysis and Differential Equations, MAL111
  • Algebra and Matrix Analysis, MAL124
  • Probability and Stochastic Processes, MAL250
  • Number Theory, MAL145
  • Statistical Methods and Algorithms, MAL390 (current)