I'm Abhishek Gupta, a final year undergraduate student in Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India and on a gap year (2012-2013).

I am currently doing an internship with Prof. Manik Varma, Microsoft Research on image re-ranking. Last year I worked on a project on building a cloud orchestrator for IIT Delhi which was christened as baadal, and has been deployed successfully in IIT Delhi to replace VMWare solutions saving recurring cost of tens of lacs per annum under Prof. Sorav Bansal.

Research Interests

My broad area of interest is Information Retrieval. In particular my interest areas consists of following:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Web Search

I also love to work on anything pertaining to large scale systems and feels excited to work in areas like Cloud Computing and Virtualization.

System Administration

I have been serving my department as System Administrator from about last 15 months. My job as system administrator involves managing the department Servers and the Lab Resources. Apart from the technical work, I have learnt how to be calm when situations when go out of your hand and find out the best possible solution. (For instance, entire department services down because of AC Failure?)


Abhishek Gupta, Daniel J. Mathew, Huzur Saran, Jatin Kumar, Sorav Bansal, Subhashish Banarjee, "Design and Implementation of the Workflow of an Academic Cloud", In Springer Publications, volume LNCS 7108, pp. 16-27, 2011.

Academic Activities

Currently, I have a GPA of 8.686 out of 10. More information about my courses can be found here. On the lines of my research interests, I have been active in courses like Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, etc. I plan to take Machine Learning next year, as the course is not floated until you have the number of credits you only reach after successful completion of three years.

Gap Year (2012-2013)

I have recently decided to drop one year from my undergraduate degree, and instead work on a crazy idea of a Social Network of Strangers relying on Natural Language Processing and related ideas in the first four months. I have currently not decided what I am going to do in the remaining eight months, but owing to my Research Interests should be a Research Internship in areas of Machine Learning and Information Retrieval. You can read more about the same here.

Blog / Website

I curently blog at thelazy.info and my website can be found at abhishek.cc.

Hobbies / Other Activities

I love reading, but sometimes refrain from doing so because I feel I am get too much addicted to it. I love spending my time on quora. I love to blog as well and frequently blog at thelazy.info which is a community blog started by me and one of my friends. Besides, I was the Vice Chairman of ACM Chapter, IIT Delhi.