We are currently rated number 1 amongst the CS departments in India by QS rankings (2016) and are ranked between 50 and 100 in the world. Our goal is to break into the top 50 in the next two years and into the top 30 in the next five years.


Project our research in the CS community by establishing our presence in top tier conferences.

Attract talented faculty and PhD students, both Indian and international.


Flexible funding over and above what IIT provides to enable proactive interventions.


To raise Rs 100Cr over three years (2017-2019).

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Donation options

Grant Type






Doctoral Research

Impact Grant

Rs 8L

$ 12K

PhD student

Conference travel, Open access publication (capped at Rs 2.5 L).

5 years

 (Till Ph.D.



Faculty Impact Grant

Rs 20L

$ 30K

Full-time Faculty

Conference travel, Open access publication.

2 Years


Visiting Faculty Support Grant

Rs 25L

$ 38K

PhD or Thesis submitted students

Facilitate visits by Indian &  International faculty

Upto 2 years


General Corpus



Research communication.

Workshops & lecture series to attract PhD students from India/abroad



Endowed Chairs

Rs 1 cr


Senior Faculty

Fellowship, Conference travel, Open access publication.



Donating from India

(Tax exemptions are available under 80(G))

Donating from USA

(Tax exemption available under 501(c)3)

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Link goes offsite to which is the official host of IIT Delhi’s Alumni social network. Registration on almaconnect is not needed to contribute.

Donating by Cheque

Please make out the cheque to "Development Office IIT Delhi Account" and send the cheque to "Head of Department, Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016". Please include your contact information with the cheque.

Donating by Bank Tranfer

Use the following bank information

A/C Name: Development Office IIT Delhi Account

Bank Name: State Bank of India

IFS Code: SBIN0001077

MICR Code: 110002156

A/C Type: Savings

A/C No: 34105945646


Currency: INR

Click here to donate via Credit Card.

Link goes offsite to which is the official host of IIT Delhi’s Alumni social network. Registration on almaconnect is not needed to contribute.

Matching donations

Several companies in the USA match charitable donations made by their employees. Click here to check if your company is one of them and to receive your company’s guidelines for matching donation (offsite link).

Please also see below for the information about the US-registered charity IITDEF that accepts donations on behalf of IIT Delhi. Your company will require this to make a donation

Donating by wire transfer or cheque?

Please email us at for details on how to do so.

Tax exemption information

An 80(G) receipt will be issued to all donors by IIT Delhi. Please email us at as soon as you donate so that we can help facilitate this.

Tax exemption information

All charitable donations to IITD are directed to the IITD Excellence Foundation (IITDEF), registered with the IRS (EIN #30-0015317).

You will receive an email from us which will be compliant with the IRS requirements for a written acknowledgment for a charitable donation (as per IRS Publication 1771). With this email and proof of payment (Paypal receipt, or wire transfer receipt or a copy of the cheque, depending on the mode of donation, or your paystub if donating via your company) you will be able to claim an exemption under 501(c)3.

For further clarifications if required, please email with cc to

Recognising your donation

All donations will be acknowledged on a permanent alumni-giving web page
and be announced in newsletters circulated to the alumni by the department
and by the institute.

If your donation supports a faculty member or a PhD student then the
chair/grant can be entitled "<Name of your choosing> Chair" or "<Name of your choosing> Student Award". In either case the recipient will mention it on his/her
webpage/visiting cards/CV etc and on any papers published during the

Donating as a group

If you plan to donate as a group (as a batch, employees of the same company, etc.)

  • Please appoint a group coordinator and ask that person to contact us at
  • Due to the concerns associated with tax benefits and matching donations it would be best if the individuals in your group donate individually. The coordinator will have the responsibility of (1) informing us who the individuals in your group are and what the total amount is and (2) ensuring all your group members donate on time and follow up with their companies for matching donations.
  • For the purposes of recognition we will aggregate the total donation together and recognise it as a single donation made by your group under a name of your choosing.
  • As a group you decide who contributes how much and whether you want the individual contributions recognised individually or not.


  1. Does all this money go to the department? Yes, it does. IITD has enabled this direct connection between the department and its alumni. A small fraction (5%) of the donations will be used, by the department itself, to support the fundraising process, i.e., to issue newsletters, organise alumni get-togethers etc.
  2. The donate link takes me offsite to Is this an official page? Does the money go to IIT Delhi? Yes, almaconnect is the official approved host of the IIT Delhi alumni association. All contributions through this site come to IIT Delhi. If you are paying in India you will be taken to an Indian payment gateway that will show you that you are paying Almaconnect. If you are paying from a US bank you will be taken to a Paypal page which will tell you that you are paying the IIT Delhi Excellence Foundation which is an IITD Alumni organisation registered in the US.
  3. I paid from the US but my name does not feature on the donation page? This is a glitch in the system due to the different routes that the donations depending on whether they originate in India or the US. We endeavour to update the donor list as quickly as possible. Please do inform us by email ( whenever you make the payment so that the link can be generated. If you also let me know the details of IIT Delhi connection, it helps us to motivate others from your batch to contribute.
  4. Doesn’t IIT already fund the department? Why do you need more money? We are looking to fill in the gaps in the funding we get from the institute and from funding agencies. Our labs and other facilities have seen a major improvement especially after the construction of School of Information Technology building supported by Mr. Vinod Khosla. primarily, we are looking for International travel support for our PhD students and young faculty members as well as faculty aspirants. These are essential to improve our International visibility as well as competitive advantage in attracting talent.