CSL211 Computer Architecture
Instructor: Prof Anshul Kumar          TA: A Sahu and Rakesh G

Lecture Notes
Demo Scheule
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Assignment 1
String processor in MIPS assembly language    
              Deadline:  HLL Version  ( 17 August 2006,  11:59 PM)
              Deadline: MIPS Assembly Language Version(
24 August 2006, 11:59 PM)
    Assignment 2      
    Assignment 3
    Assignment 4
    Assignment 5

Theory Exam
A) Minor I    B) Minor II    C) Major
Marks and Grades
Suppliment material  
Location of spim simulator in Intel Lab
         $touch trap.handler
         $ xspim               if path is set to /usr/local/bin)
(if path is not set to /usr/local/bin)  
Documentation related to  SPIM simulator
PCSpim.pdf, spim_documentation.pdf, HP_AppA.pdf, SPIM_command-line.pdf, spim.pdf, xspim.pdf