Text/Caption Augmentation for Experimental Setup Diagrams

About: In this project, we are working on a template based approach for augmenting textual description / caption provided in the textbook for experimental setup diagram, which is ono of the profound category of diagrams found in STEM textbooks. This approach requires image processing to detect objects and their positionings, which can help in understanding the interaction among the objects. Further, Natural language processing techniques will be used to generate the precise description of the diagram.

Students: Akshansh Chahal (BTP 2017)

Description of Geometrical Diagrams

About: In this project, we are working on generating textual description for the geometry diagrams, which is one of the most commonly found diagram in mathematics textbooks. The objective involves to come up with a precise description which can lead to exact replication of the diagram. Further analysis will be done to make the description contextual dependent and least verbose. Image processing techniques are used for finding primitive shapes along with its properties and associated labels. Then the natural language processing techniques will be explored to generate the desired textual description.

Students: Jyoti, Sruti Goyal, Tuhina Verma (MiniP 2018)