About GPUTejas

GPUTejas is a new Java-based parallel GPGPU simulator built by the Srishti research group, IIT Delhi. It is a fast trace driven simulator, which uses relaxed synchronization, and non-blocking data structures to derive its speedups. Secondly, it introduces a novel scheduling and partitioning scheme for parallelizing a GPU simulator.

Getting started with GPUTejas is extremely easy. It is easy to install, and run the simulator. Additionally, GPUTejas has an extremely modular component-oriented design, and it is easy to add new features to it.

We have evaluated the performance of our simulator with a set of Rodinia benchmarks and have demonstrated a mean speedup of 17.33x with 64 threads over sequential execution, and a speedup of 429X over the widely used simulator GPGPU-Sim. We have validated our timing and simulation model by comparing our results with a native system (NVIDIA Tesla M2070).

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Malhotra, G. and Goel, S. and Sarangi, S. R., "{GPUTejas}: A Parallel Simulator for GPU Architectures", HiPC 2014