Investigators on Indian Side: Prem Kalra, Subodh Kumar, Subhashis Banerjee

Investigators on German Side: Hans-Peter Seidel, Michael Wand and Christina Theobalt

Broad areas of research collaboration:

World over, significant computer graphics and modeling research is dedicated to capturing and recreating real world geometry and motion. The focus of our research program is to enable accurate and, if feasible, interactive 3D reconstruction. This reconstruction is not simply of the shape of a single surface or model but an entire 3D environment with all its static and dynamic objects, as well as living beings populating it. Our first goal is to further research in 3D acquisition and subsequently using this as a tool for remote collaboration and even user interaction. Gathering data is only the first step. Storing them compactly is another important goal. Graphical display of acquired data is an end-goal of our effort. Our main focus will be to seamlessly merge multiple shading techniques so that the appropriate one, or the appropriate subset, may be employed depending on the availability of compute resources, user’s demand for fidelity and the importance of a pixel in the scene.


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