Researchers from MPI Saarbr¨ucken: Kurt Mehlhorn, Markus Bl¨aser, Benjamin Doerr, Tobias Friedrich, Timo K¨otzing, Frank Neumann

Researchers from IIT Kanpur: Manindra Agrawal, Surender Baswana, Somenath Biswas, Piyush P Kurur, Shashank Mehta.

Broad area of Research:

The research of this IMPECS group is focused on the following areas of algorithms and complexity:

(1)    Algebraic aspect of computation: The aim is to study various computational problems with algebraic flavors.  These problems include graph isomorphism, univariate polynomial multiplication, derandomizing polynomial identity testing, and quantum codes.

(2)    Dynamic Graph Algorithms: The aim here is to design efficient algorithms for graphs which are changing with time. Specific problems include matching and shortest paths in planar graphs.

(3)    Randomized search algorithms: The aim is to study and analyze certain randomized search algorithms for various hard problems in computer science; for example, the metropolis algorithm on the shortest vector problem.

(4)    Data mining: Specific research problems in this domain include efficient skyline queries for uncertain databases, leveraging the flash technology for column-oriented databases, and graph mining using statistical measures.


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