Calendar for Spring Semester 2017

Mar 24th, 2017 Dr. N. L’ntshotsholé “Shasha” Jumbe, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Bridging the research science: data science gap -- the insider story of knowledge integration
Mar 9th, 2017 Mohan Kankanhalli, School of Computing, National University of Singapore Fusing Physical and Social Sensors for Situation Awareness
Feb 10th, 2017 Daraksha Parveen, IIT Delhi Integrating Importance, Non-Redundancy and Coherence in Graph-based Extractive Summarization
Jan 18th, 2017 Kuldeep Meel, Rice University Constrained Counting and Sampling: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice
Jan 13th, 2017 Ragesh Jaiswal, IIT Delhi Faster Algorithms for the Constrained k-means Problem
Jan 6th, 2017 Aditya Grover, Stanford University Boosted generative models