Calendar for Fall Semester 2015

Oct 30th, 2015 Ashish Vikram, VP (Engg.), Flipkart Digital Data Advantage for Monetization in Mobile Advertising
Oct 15th, 2015 Manik Varma, Mausam, Parag Singla, Rahul Garg Careers in Machine Learning: A Panel Discussion
Oct 12th, 2015 Anshumali Shrivastava, Rice University An Excursion in Probabilistic Hashing Techniques for Big Data
Sep 30th, 2015 Mohit Bansal, TTI-Chicago Neural Attention Models for Natural Language Grounding and Generation
Sep 16th, 2015 Saurav Gupta LSTMs in Python (Keras and Lasagne
Sep 4th, 2015 Kush Bhatia, Microsoft Research, India Robust Regression via Hard Thresholding
Sep 3rd, 2015 Longbing Cao, Sydney, Australia Data Science and Advanced Analytics: Innovation and Practices
Aug 25th, 2015 Biplav Srivastava, IBM Research AI Techniques for Intelligent Traffic Management
Aug 18th, 2015 Prabhat, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center Scientific Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities
Aug 17th, 2015 Sanjay Ranka, University of Florida Data Mining for Bigdata Spatiotemporal Applications
Aug 14th, 2015 Prachi Jain, Grad Student, IIT Delhi Building Syntactic-Semantic Inference Rules from Text
Aug 7th, 2015 Manish Gupta, Xerox Research Transformational Opportunities for Healthcare enabled by Information Technology
July 31st, 2015 Manik Varma, Microsoft Research Extreme Classification: A New Paradigm for Ranking & Recommendation