Speaker: Aniruddha Joshi

Date/Time/Venue: Feb 2, 2:30 - 3:30 PM, SIT 001

Title: Integrating technology in personalized Ayurvedic diagnosis

Abstract:  We see two major trends today. First, increasing awareness and realization by a common man of long-term effects of personalized Ayurvedic traditional medicines. Secondly, patients are technology savvy, curious to know about what is happening. Doctors need to transform not only the language but also the patient experience by integrating today's technologies with traditional wisdom of sciences.


The talk will cover few of the modern approaches to assist in the Ayurvedic diagnosis through signal processing, tongue analysis, voice analysis face analysis, gait analysis and big data analytics.

Speaker Bio: 

  • PhD. (Computer Science, IIT Bombay)vWith specialization in data analysis and machine learning.
  • CSIR research fellowship for 5 year Research associate at NCL Pune
  • Founder and CEO of Atreya Innovations Pvt. Ltd We strongly believe in the concepts of Ayurveda and are focused to work towards increasing its popularity and acceptance in today’s world by providing a new-age platform with technology gadgets and software solutions
  • Nadi Tarangini (NT) is the first of its kind technology product in Ayurveda for digitization of pulse-based diagnosis. In next 5 years, the plan is to replace most medical tests and biopsies (lengthy and costly) with one single report card of NT
  • Director at Reliable Process Design Solutions
  • Consultant to 3 companies in Pune
  • 3 patents and more than 35 papers in international journals and conferences