About Us

Data Analytics & Intelligence Research (DAIR) is a fledgling research group at IITD-CSE focused on combining and integrating various fields of data sciences such as machine learning, data management, and data mining towards the goal of building intelligent software systems. Some of our strengths include natural language processing, statistical relational learning, social network analytics and crowdsourcing. Our group has five core faculty researchers, several adjunct faculty members, and a large body of PhD, Masters and undergraduate students. We are a highly collaborative group with running research collaborations with researchers at University of Washington, Rochester University, Max Plank Institute, Bar Ilan University, University of Texas Dallas, and IIT Bombay. Our research has been funded by various national and international funding sources including research agencies in Korea and U.S., and private industrial sponsors such as Google and Yahoo!.


Our groups delves in building applications of national and international importance as well as solving fundamental scientific questions. Our scientific foci include studying the vitality of transient social networks, questions around efficient inference and learning in probabilistic graphical models, efficient queries over large knowledge graphs, and inference of implicitly stated knowledge from textual documents.  Some projects of national importance include analysis of NREGA employment dataset, opinion mining of Indian political social media feeds, and modelling student behaviour for e-Education in Indian scenarios. Applications of international relevance include building high efficiency micro-crowdsourcing platforms, and analysis of tourism-related text to aid user's information needs.


We run a seminar series, which is a weekly hangout for all members of the research group as well as those who are interested in joining us. Come, join us by sending an email to dairfaculty [AT] cse [dot] iitd [dot] ac[ dot] in