ACES ACM invites all CS students, to ZERO HOUR, Computer Science Department Fest. Traverse with us from 26th September to 28th September. ZERO HOUR. The ultimate time of the day to:
Attend our Web Designing Workshop to learn the nitty-gritties of web desgining. Battle your wits in the oldest pastime, chess. Put your grey cells online in the Quiz. Bring out your inner Sherlock, and along with your Watsons, solve the clues in Treasure Hunt. Show your sportsmanship in an exciting game of Kabbadi. Trust your instincts in Counterstrike. Get your fingers clacking on the keyboard for our Coding and Codeless event. Relax with popcorn, and be glued to the movie screen.
Think you can survive till the clock strikes zero, you win exciting prizes. The fest launches on 26th September, with a pistol shot, the Counter Strike Tournament to satisfy the enthusiastic gamers among you and the laughter over a comedy movie.
September, 27th, Day 2 presents The Talk, astute skills as you battle out over Chess, the uncanny Treasure Hunt and doodle with numbers in our Number Games. After the neurons being fired up, kill some Zombies with the comedic movie, Zombieland.
September 28th, the last day introduces you to a workshop on Web Designing, tests you with Quizzing and Kabbadi. The Zero Hour ends with a fascinating sci fi movie.
The day long Coding event and Codeless span across the weekend, with exciting prizes for the well deserved.
ZERO HOUR promises to be every bit and byte as rocking as you can imagine and will make you live up to the midnight clock's tempting glory.

Important Details

26-28 September, 2014

Bharti Building

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A Counter Strike team showdown for the gamers amongst you!.
Or take part in the Kabaddi Tournament to release your Compu stress!
There are prizes to be won!
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After having participated in this event, you'd know exactly how much you know your dear Bharti Building!
The winners get to take home the bounty!
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3 nights. 3 movies..
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The ultimate tech quiz to test all your computer science knowledge!
Prizes to be won here as well
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